Year 1 and 2 'Ladies and Child Bingo and Afternoon Tea'

Thirty Ladies and their children enjoyed an afternoon of Bingo, led by official bingo caller Mrs. McEnaney, followed by Afternoon Tea - thank you to everyone who came. There were winners for lines and full houses during the three games of Bingo, and the raffle raised £50 so thank you to everyone for being so generous.
Thank you to the Year 6 children who helped throughout the afternoon, and to Miss Vaughan, Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Feren who were in charge of refreshments -   the afternoon wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without them.
Some comments from yesterday were:
"Fantastic afternoon, think I enjoyed it more than the children :) Great kids prizes for them to choose from."
"Lovely to spend time with my daughter. Had lots of fun and would love to do it again, especially with KS2 as well. Thanks for a great afternoon!"
"We had fun at Bingo and loved our cream scone."
"Bingo was fab, great idea to spend time with the kids in school."
"Brilliant" "Fantastic" "Really enjoyed it...thank you"
"Always nice to join in with the children at school; a nice afternoon of fun."
"Good fun, would like to see more things like this in school."
Excellent afternoon! Love to do it again...SOON!" :)