Kenton Bar Primary School expects every child to wear school uniform. It looks really smart and makes a good impression – it gives everyone a sense of pride and belonging.

Our uniform policy is as follows:

School Uniform

  • Blue sweatshirt
  • Gold/lemon/yellow or navy polo shirt
  • Black or charcoal grey trousers Shorts/skirt
  • Yellow summer dresses
  • Black shoes

PE Kit

  • Navy or blue shorts
  • Yellow T-shirt
  • Black sand shoes or trainers

Children will be asked to change footwear after wet breaks so it is essential that P.E. kit remains in school at least from Monday to Friday.


For health & safety reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery except for a watch which must be removed for all P.E. activities.

Earrings are not allowed for safety reasons. If they have their ears pierced it is advised that this done at the beginning of the 6 weeks holidays

School Uniform is available from Tots to Teams.