RM Class Assembly

RM performed a really interesting assembly linked to the work they had done on the book 'How To Catch A Star' - they spoke clearly, showed plans and pictures, sang songs, had a very large collage of the giant they had caught, and their baby beanstalks on display. The theme of the book was Perseverance, and the children told us how they had drawn plans to catch the star stuck in the top of the tree, then tried all their ideas out - they persevered until they managed to get the star down. 
They had also done work on Jack and the Beanstalk - they were really excited about the fact that they had managed to catch the Giant from the top of the beanstalk, and that he was asleep outside at them moment so they couldn't disturb them. They have planted their own bean seeds and are looking after them to see how tall they can grown their own beanstalks. Well done children, you were brilliant, and well done to Mrs. McBride and all the TA's in Reception for  inspiring the children to produce such a variety of work that was obviously enjoyed by all.